Workshop organized by KTH : possible practical use-cases
Kadri Tõldsepp

All participants are working on the deliverables that describe the results of the first year of the UaESMC project. KTH organized an internal workshop on cross-layer security.
The main goal of the workshop was to describe what problems different departments are looking for and their methodologies. The workshop allowed to discuss about security and privacy problems with researchers having heterogeneous backgrounds. The interaction with groups working on automatic control pointed out two practical problems:
  • Voltage level measurements at end consumers are typically transmitted over an IT infrastructure to a controlled capacitor bank, which influences the voltage level by proper switching. In this setup, we discussed how this problem can be addressed without revealing the actual power usage of consumers.
  • We also discussed the scenarios involving several system operators that collaborate in order to reveal if an adversary is performing stealthy data attacks on measurements to influence the end consumers voltage levels.

The interaction with the group working on distributed social networks highlighted the requirement of multiparty datamining, even if suitable algorithms have not been identified.