UaESMC published reports giving an overview of first year progress
Kadri Tõldsepp

UaESMC consortium has just published the deliverables reporting the progress made during the first year of the project.
 Several interesting developments are of note:
  • We have selected the research problems that turned up most often in the interviews reported in D1.2, and would be, according to those interviews, the most helpful to the society if they get solved.
  • We have proposed an API for privacy-preserving statistical analysis and have implemented several parts of it on top of SMC frameworks.
  • We have proposed the notion of strong truthfulness for achieving composability in mechanism design, and also shown how to achieve this kind of strong property.
  • We have made several advances in privacy-preserving optimization. We have studied the behavior and worked out the implementation details for genetic algorithms implemented on top of Sharemind. We have also proposed a method for privacy-preserving linear programming that strives to join the good sides of SMC-based and problem transformation based approaches.

The work on all these topics will continue in the second and third year of the project, culminating in a single coherent body of knowledge on how to run privacy-preserving computations in practice. The coordinator is grateful to all participants of the project for the efforts they have made.

Published deliverables are available on our website:

Deliverable 2.2.1: Advances in SMC protocols

Deliverable 3.1: Potential Uses of SMC in Game Playing and Mechanism Design

Deliverable 3.2: Strongly Truthful and Composable Mechanism Design

Deliverable 4.1: Identification of Application Scenarios

Deliverable 5.2.1: Scientific Progress Analysis and Recommendations

Deliverable 6.2.1: Dissemination Report

Deliverable 6.3: Intermediate Plan for the Use and Dissemination of Foreground Knowledge