Annual meeting and plans for the second year
Kadri Tõldsepp

On Tuesday and Wednesday (April 23 and 24) the UaESMC consortium had its annual meeting in Stockholm at KTH to discuss plans for year 2 of the project.
The meeting started with a brief introduction by each partner describing shortly their individual plans for the second year of the project. During discussions it was decided that in the second year, more emphasis will be put on collaborative topics such as  decentralised truthful routing in networks, using game theory in production chains and using secure multiparty computation to improve mechanism design.

The second day was mainly spent on more thoroughly discussing the topics selected from the interviews. It was decided that the prototype application that is due to be finished at the end of year 2, will be based on the statistics suite which will be mostly feature complete by that time. In addition, it was decided that the partners will start studying reputation networks and the possibility to deploy Sharemind on a hypervisor.