UaESMC consortium is developing statistics API
Kadri Tõldsepp

One of the topics the UaESMC consortium is working on at the moment is creating a statistics API that can be used as a building block in privacy preserving statistical analysis of data. We have identified a representative set of statistical functions and tests to be included in this API.

 In privacy preserving data analysis the analyst cannot see the individual data values, and, hence, several  statisticians and  interviewees (see  D1.2) have expressed concern that it is not possible to do sensible analysis without seeing the data. We address this concern by defining functions that calculate aggregate statistics that give an overview of the data. Based on these values, further statistical tests can be chosen.

The theoretical API will be complemented by implementations of some of the functions on the Sharemind platform. The implemented functions will later be available as a statistical API for the Sharemind platform, and can easily be used in future analyses.