WP2 - SMC Techniques

This WP is in charge of investigating cryptographic techniques for privacy-preserving computations. As such, it is central to UaESMC. On the other hand, its main role is supporting WP3 and WP4 with suitable techniques, investigating whether certain improvements in techniques are possible, mapping the limits of different cryptographic approaches. The sources of the research problems considered in WP2 are mainly WP3 and WP4, in the form of desired improvements. Independently, WP2 may also investigate the generalizability of the techniques it has produced before. The actual achievements are input back to WP3 and WP4. The interaction between WP2–4 is mediated by WP5. 

We will consider different SMC techniques in WP2, both general and specific to certain problems. 
Our goal in UaESMC is not to propose radically new techniques for SMC (e.g. new forms of fully homomorphic encryption); the novelty of UaESMC comes from the interactions between workpackages. On the other hand, we keep close watch on the developments elsewhere and adapt them for our purposes, as necessary. CYB has developed a SMC platform Sharemind that it will make available to the project. The platform can be used to rapidly try out different ideas for performing privacy-preserving computations.