WP5 - Scientific Coordination

The WP has several related goals. It keeps track of progress in the feasibility of solving the problems selected by WP1 with the methods developed in WP2–4. At all times, we will have an overview of the sizes of instances of those problems that we can solve, the time it takes to solve them, the quality of the solution, the assumptions on the adversary and the environment, and the amount of information leaked. We will also have a map of possible trade-offs between those aspects of solutions. 

To guide the progress, this WP will coordinate the efforts of WP2–4. By combining the results of 
these workpackages, we determine the directions that these WPs should investigate next in order to make the biggest leaps in the practicality of solutions of the problems selected in WP1. 

This workpackage also keeps track of how far the project still is from the target performance indi- 
cators put forth in WP1. These indicators and the distance from them further helps to guide the effort spent in WP2–4. 

Based on the experience of WP2–4 and of the integration, we come up with a suitable set of axes to characterize multiparty computation problems and give recipes for securely computing the solutions to computational problems based on where it falls on those axes. Besides the advances of WP2–4, this framework is one of the main outcomes of UaESMC.