WP4 - Applications

The objective of WP4 is to propose a set of methods for applying SMC techniques to problems and applications of practical size. The techniques may include the decomposition of problems to subtasks of manageable size, the randomization of certain aspects of input or intermediate data to hide a particular aspect of it, the approximation techniques, etc. This WP may also study the information flow properties of proposed methods, if this turns out to be relevant. In this WP, one of the main application domains of interest is collaborative network management. In this setting a number of network operators each operating its own collection of autonomous systems wish to collaborate to optimize various performance parameters such as throughput and load, and they wish to jointly monitor the state of the global network with regard to various healthiness criteria, such as security. The objective of the work package is to identify a suitable set of application domains and scenarios, extend the SMC techniques developed in WP2 to make them suitable for the application domain, and to develop the application examples themselves. There are good reasons to believe that methods developed for network management problems will generalize to many different application areas.